Hard G is Boone Gorges

Hard G is Boone Gorges, a longtime leader in the WordPress community, BuddyPress Lead Developer, free software advocate, and former academic. His unusual mix of development skills and academic experience gives him unique insight beyond writing code; Boone creates strategies for embedding free software platforms like WordPress into scholarly and educational institutions, leads multiple technical projects, and works with clients to give back to the free software commons.

Development Credentials

  • WordPress Core Committer
  • BuddyPress Lead Developer
  • WordPress Component Maintainer: Taxonomy, Query
  • 45+ WordPress and BuddyPress Plugins
  • Team Representive, WordPress.org Plugin Review Team
  • Lead Developer, CUNY Academic Commons
  • Lead Developer, Commons in a Box
  • Founding Developer, Anthologize
  • Technical Consultant, PressForward


I am a committed advocate of free software. WordPress and BuddyPress are exemplars of free software tools that are flexible enough to enable the rapid development of custom websites, while being robust and reliable enough to serve as integral pieces of technological infrastructure.

I believe that embracing free software is critical to the ideological missions of the institutions I work with. The principles underlying free software -­ the importance of user freedom, of non­commercial data ownership, of software licenses that encourage curiosity and tinkering -­ mirror many of the explicit and implicit principles of universities and public institutions.

I strive to build websites and tools that are modern, flexible, and reliable, while enabling you to weave the building of these tools into your broader institutional mission. When possible, I advocate for custom tools to be released publicly, under a free license, as a way of enriching the broader WordPress community and making the building of infrastructure a part of your organization`s public outreach.

Hard G is serious about free and open source software. I love contributing to WordPress, and I love working with clients who want to contribute as well.

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I've spoken extensively about WordPress and the use of free software in education. Some representative talks:


Custom WordPress and BuddyPress development, code review, grantwriting support, and more!